it’s an obvious personal harangue of mine, so bear with me or just don’t.  first of effing all, am i the only one who presumes that 10 months of imprisonment as supposed to the charges of malpractice aren’t worth the life that’s just lost?!!!! oh and for the other “soon to be” doc, i beg you please, try to be a wee bit smarter, learn a little deeper, read a little longer and puhlease don’t act like you’re a lot smarter than oneself is, cause honey you ain’t fooling anyone,  if you couldn’t’ bear the thought of having such pivotal consequences being dragged onto your future job, don’t fucking be a doctor!!!! for the sake of ASCLEPIUS!!! slap those nonsenses outta yours, like “being a doctor for a mere pride”, bitch please! you did flunk biology for some reasons, for you not to screw some people’s life and this particular diatribe comes from someone that you’d might treat in the very near future, who’d might end up on your very own surgical table, oh and if you did a tiny bit of omitted screw up, you’d definitely beg the hell outta my lucifer ass for some forgiveness but then again who am kiddin, i won’t let anyone do some tossing around with the faith of my health. 

Dec 4
Eat chubs.
Oct 20

Eat chubs.

A change. A stupidity compelling on losing one self. There is none in particular can named as a particular cause toward significance in change. I have never imagined the idea of how I eventually meet this unwanted situational condition that I have been petrified for about insignificant period of time. Tiring, exhausting and the feeling of numb have drained my very own capacity of commonsensical sanities ever since I did make the decision to play along and uphold with certain kind of bullshits. The very bare thought of how it’d be damn easy in doing so but as a matter of fucking fact, it is hard, so fucked up hard. Used to think that doing a sacrifice of my very own state of happiness for their very own bliss is going to be one easy piece of a cake, a delightful yet wickedly sweet taste of devil’s food cake, but lamentably is not as easy yet indulging as munching those pieces of cake, it is way harsher than that. Having the idea of perceiving myself, as an individual who’s way stronger than they are in the matter of dealing with pain has become nothing nevertheless poignantly pointless. Being the man of my very own words has pushed me to bind myself in doing certain things that might have been the cause of my very own mental disturbance. I have tried to keep my fucked up self together yet I have lost. Finally I am being defeated in one definite way. I don’t know up until which significant period of time that I can manage myself to uphold with all of these fucking bullshits that I have been forcing myself to fall into.  Will I survive? It’s a definite doubt in getting the answer of yes. But then again, sooner or later people do let go. And I think it’s about time for this one attention self absorbance individual to actually learn and accept the fact that she is no longer his favorite. Will I have the guts to let him go? I don’t know but one thing for significantly sure, I learn in doing so and I think that I can let him go at some point, sooner or later. And yes I am losing my own self, indeed. 

Jul 21
A change, one hell of a stupid act.
Jul 12

The people!

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Oct 8

i want you, more than i think you do.

Oct 3

dirty, icky grimes.